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Rivelli's Pizzelles are light, crispy and delicious! A traditional Italian waffle cookie, the pizzelle originates from the Southern Italy region of Abruzzo. While traditionally flavored with Anise (black licorice flavor), Rivelli's Pizzelles have greatly expanded on this single flavor to add some of our own favorites. Feel free to Shop Now and see all of our offerings and other delicious cookies as well!

We are on a mission to share our family traditions with people all around the world. We want to share the versatility of the Pizzelle. We encourage people to take our pizzelle cookies and pair them with coffee/tea, or get creative and make pizzelle ice cream sandwiches, layered pizzelle whipped cream (or favorite filling) cake, pizzelle s’mores, dipped pizzelle in chocolate, pie filling, or yogurt- the possibilities are endless. Use our product and share your recipes on our site here .